Optherium Labs featured in IBM’s INDUSTRIOUS magazine

Optherium Labs featured in IBM’s INDUSTRIOUS magazine

Ari Zoldan, chairman of Quantum Media & CMO of Optherium Labs, shared his insights on how IoT and AI are driving the manufacturing industry forward in IBM’s industry publication INDUSTRIOUS. Here is an excerpt from the larger article, linked below:
Manufacturing is entering a new stage of development widely known as Industry 4.0. A synthesis of manufacturing processes and emerging technologies, Industry 4.0 promises greater efficiency and higher productive capacity, all for less operational expenses.

Industry 4.0 is still in its early stages, but now is the time for manufacturing businesses to get on board. According to Advanced Manufacturing, 27 percent of companies in the industry have already “experienced substantial transformation,” while 36 percent of organizations were in the process of implementing new technologies.

“Technology is fundamentally remaking every industry, worldwide,” said Serge Beck, CEO of global fintech company Optherium Labs. “These disruptions are helping to push the world forward.” IoT and AI are critical parts of Industry 4.0, but they aren’t the only technologies changing the way the industry operates. Mixed reality, for instance, is allowing workers to view digital overlays based on the data captured and contextualized by IoT and AI systems. Blockchain can employ a system of smart contracts to track and record supply chains that are crucial to the manufacturer’s end-product. While early adopters will reap the competitive advantages of Industry 4.0, make no mistake: adoption is not optional. Failure to recognize the inevitability of this transition is a death sentence for any manufacturer. “Enterprises have a choice to make in this period of disruption and transition: embrace it or resist it,” Beck said. “Those who embrace technological development and implement new technologies in smart ways will be the winners of tomorrow. Those who resist the inevitable march of technology are bound to fall behind.”

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