• Web SDK
  • Android SDK
  • Custom APIs



Mobile KYC onboarding by Optherium allows businesses to onboard customers online in a simple and convenient way. It is a fast, safe and cost-effective solution for businesses and end users.

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Know Your Customer module provides identity verification as a service for business in a fast and user-friendly manner, helping businesses onboard customers with full regulatory compliance.

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Our software enables the ability to execute batch checks and verify the identity of millions of users in minutes. We provide businesses a possibility to run manual and automated scheduled AML / global watchlist checks on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

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Global watchlist screening

We provide global watchlist screening tools to help fintechs, banks and large enterprises achieve regulatory compliance.
Our tailored business solutions cover the most relevant 1600+ global sanction and watchlist screenings.

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Transaction monitoring module is an outstanding tool for ongoing AML compliance, suspicious activity detection and fraud prevention. A pre-set library of transaction monitoring rules with easy customizable settings helps businesses automate processes and cut management costs.

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Know Your Business module allows businesses to execute instant enhanced due diligence and onboard corporate clients online with full regulatory compliance.

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The Dynamic Biometrics module allows users to operate the mobile banking platform with biometric data: face (video and photo) and voice for verification, authentication and PSD2 compliance.

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Credit risk

Automated credit risk scoring tool for banks and fintechs, powered with machine learning and pluggable mobile and web interfaces, allows businesses to make decisions on granting loans to clients remotely.

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RFid chip

Mobile verification of biometric passports / RFID chips by phone’s NFC scanner allows businesses to fight identity fraud, enhance security, user experience and achieve regulatory compliance.

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Functionality and features

  • ID document verification
  • Liveness test / Biometric verification
  • AML / CTF / PEP / Global sanctions screening by 1600+ lists
  • Proof of address / residence verification
  • Email verification
  • Phone verification & Push notifications
  • User friendly onboarding
  • Patented data security technology
  • White labeling and customizations
  • Multidecentralized Private Blockchains Network
  • Security based on Public Key Infrastructure
  • Onboarding pluggable interface for iOS, Android, Web platforms
  • Strong customer authentication (SCA) required for PSD2
  • Brand customizations and white labelling
  • Global approach
  • An automated scalable solution powered by AI
  • Everything in one place
  • Admin panel with Identity management system
  • Hosting (cloud and local)
  • DataVault Storage
  • Qualified timestamp
  • Optherium KYC SDK & API
  • Technical support
  • Legal compliance and risk minimization
  • Easy integration


  • How many and what types of government issued documents do you support?
    Currently we manage around 2500 documents from all around the world: passports, visas, id cards, driver licenses, residence permits, different kinds of travel documents, laissez-passer, etc.
  • What countries you do and do not support?
    We support all 193 countries recognized by the UN and do not support states with limited recognition.
  • What languages do you support?
    We support more than 30 languages, based on Latin, Greek, Cyrillic and Hebrew alphabets, including: English, German, French, Italian, Russian, Polish, Spanish (Castilian), Ukrainian, Romanian, Dutch, Austro-Bavarian, Hungarian, Turkish, Greek, Czech, Portuguese, Swedish, Serbian, Bulgarian, Neapolitan, Croatian, Danish, Albanian, Finnish, Slovak, Hebrew, Afrikaans. Upgrade with Arabic and Chinese can be done upon request as a part of white label SaaS solutions.
  • Are you fully compliant with regulations of AML, GDPR, PSD2, SCA, PDPA, FZ-152,FATF, FINMA, FCA, CySEC, MAS?
  • What is the process of integration?
    Upon successfully passing enhanced due diligence, we will provide required resources, including technical documentation, manuals, integration and a support team that will help you launch your own fintech solution.
  • How fast is the integration?
    Depending on your business case, the integration may take from 1 day up to 1 month.
  • Is your technology safe?
    Yes. Our solution is powered with Multi-decentralized private blockchains network, AI and dynamic biometric technologies provide military level data security to enterprises, eliminating risks of data breach and hacking. Our solution was created specifically to help Fortune 500 enterprises, banks, governments and central banks to securely manage sensitive data and digital assets in permission-based fraudless and unhackable environment.
  • Can I become your distributor?
    Yes. You will need to fill out the contact form on our website and pass enhanced due diligence by our team. After this is done, you will be provided with all the required resources, including technical documentation, manuals, integration and a support team that will help distribute the fintech solutions.