Everything needed for a fast launch and effective run of your own digital banking and fintech applications.

  • Web SDK
  • Android SDK
  • Custom APIs

our SAAS platforms


White label web and mobile digital banking applications, powered with Optherium blockchain, AI and Smart-contracts technology.

  • IBAN / ACH
  • Debit Cards
  • Payment gateway
  • Mobile payments
  • KYC / AML compliance
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DataVault Storage is an exceptionally secure environment for storage of sensitive data and digital assets.

  • Cloud and on-premise storage
  • Software development kit and API
  • KYC-based permissions
  • GDPR Compliance
  • Network management tools
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Identity and document verification platform, software development tools and APIs for ultimate regulatory compliance and automation.

  • Mobile / Web KYC onboarding
  • AML / CTF compliance
  • Dynamic biometrics
  • Transaction monitoring
  • KYB onboarding
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Lower risk, reduced cost, faster operations

Blockchain technology lowers risks for financial operations while increasing speed and reducing cost at the same time. The use of smart contract technology in banking removes a myriad of unnecessary steps and intermediaries. Effectively, safely and quickly.

Automated solution driven by smart-contracts

All operations in the ecosystem are driven by smart contracts and are logged into immutable distributed ledgers. Data records and smart contracts significantly help to optimize and automate business processes, accounting, taxation, audit, clearing, regulatory compliance, and reporting.

Transparency and immutability

Blockchain technology makes unchangeable records into decentralized ledgers on all operations. Blockchain records act as digital notaries between counterparts and can potentially be used as evidence. Operations are digitally signed by counterparts with their personal unique private keys that validate counterpart participation to grant transparency.



Enable new powerful revenue streams and cost savings.

Our technology allows us to provide blockchain based white-label financial solutions, card programmes, web / mobile applications and remittance processing services that enable cost savings and new revenue streams to corporates. We provide white-label, A-to-Z, out of the box solutions to launch efficient neo banks.


Everything needed to build a blockchain-based digital bank and fintech application.

Ecosystem’s smart contracts and microservices combine everything needed for the fast launch and effective management of a digital bank. This includes custom APIs and SDKs, web and mobile applications that allow seamless integration of financial products, IBANs / ACHs, credit and debit cards, payment processing and more into any business model.


Lets build the global finance blockchain infrastructure together.

Optherium Labs is constantly growing and we encourage businesses to join our partner network and become our official partners and distributors. We are pleased to provide you with a partnership proposal for collaborating with us in developing innovative and market leading payment propositions for your customers.


  • Do I need to obtain a bank licence?
    No. Our financial partner network and technology solutions allow enterprises, banks, and fintechs to operate under their own or under 3rd parties' EMI, PI, and Bank licenses.
  • Is this a fully compliant solution?
    Yes. Our solution is compliant with KYC/AML, GDPR, PCI DSS, PSD2, FCA, and numerous other regulations.
  • Can I use it for my business?
    Yes. Any kind of business with a large number of customers, partners, employees, community, and large transaction volumes will benefit from using our software.
  • What is the process of integration?
    Upon successfully passing enhanced due diligence, we will provide you all the required resources, including technical documentation, manuals, integration, and a support team to help you launch your own fintech solution.
  • Is your technology safe?
    Yes. Our solution is powered with our Multi-decentralized private blockchains network, AI, and dynamic biometric technology to provide military-level data security to enterprises. This eliminates all risk of data breach and hacking. Our solution was created specifically to help Fortune 500 enterprises, banks, governments, and central banks to securely manage sensitive data and digital assets in permission-based, fraudless, and unhackable environments.
  • How do I become a distributor?
    You will need to fill out the contact form on our website and pass enhanced due diligence. After this is done, you will be provided with all required resources, including technical documentation, manuals, integration, and a support team to help distribute your fintech solutions.
  • How can existing banks, central banks and fintechs benefit?
    Any kind of existing bank, fintech, or central bank can benefit from the enhanced security measures, business automation, and unbeatable user experience provided by our technology tailored for individual needs.
  • Can I become your partner?
    We are open to collaborate with system integrators, service providers, businesses, banks, and governments. You will need to fill out the contact form on our website and pass enhanced due diligence by our team. After this is done, you will be provided with all the required resources, including technical documentation, manuals, integration, and access to our support team who will distribute the fintech solutions.


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